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Frozen 2 Hits Disney+ Before Time! And Fans Are Going Crazy

by Albert Luke Walker

Amid all the crisis that has engulfed the world, there has been a lot of cynicism which needs to be dealt with and what’s a better option than to see a movie. People across the globe are advised by their respective governments to stay at home and avoid any social gatherings.

Bars, Shopping complexes, streets everywhere a sheer silence has crept in. This tells a lot about the state of affairs in the world. How has the COVID-19 revealed the behavioural shift, which is quite terrifying as we are not ready to stay at our own homes? So all this negativity can be shoved away by an anime movie Frozen 2, which is all set to hit the screens way before its stipulated time.

Isn’t it nice to see a movie amid the flurry of discussions on the coronavirus which has engulfed the TV? So its a surprise from Disney+ to the fans who are now forced to live in an unexpected stay at homes, all alone without any social discourse.

Frozen 2

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The movie is all set to be released on March 15th, and the fans are elated to see the surprise from Disney+. The movie will be released globally on March 17th. The Ultra HD version will be available from March 17th. Anime movies have always been everyone’s favourite, and it is not restricted to a particular age bracket.

Is It Worth To Watch

It is the best thing that could have possibly occurred to kids as they are the most uncontrolled elements of the house, and it isn’t easy to keep them busy. So Frozen 2 will help the parents to engage their kids with the latest movie. This time the favorites from Frozen’s first part will be returning, and it includes Elsa, the Snow Queen, sister Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven.

There is a lot of surprises that have followed the Disney+ early release, entertainment industry understands that this isolation period can be way too taxing and frustrating as we are not living in the good old days where evening coffee and extended stays at home was liked by all. Now with the advent of technology and the changing nature of work has changed our lifestyles, and the recent outbreak just made us realize how much?

Earlier in the day, Donald Glover also dropped his new album, and other artists have also dropped their new album. It reflects the true humanitarian face of the entertainment industry. This crisis has a silver lining as the whole world is working as a team, and now each organization is trying to do their bit in the time of the crisis.

Frozen 2 is rebased, and now we have every reason to stay at our home, and there is nothing better than sitting on your couch and watch an anime movie with your friends and family. And it will be in the best interest of all to stay at our home and remain isolated so that we can do our bit to tackle this crisis. So do watch this movie with your loved once and enjoy the homestay.

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