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Ozark Season 3: Will This Be The Last Season On Netflix? Here’s Something You Should Know

by Albert Luke Walker

There are hell lot of shows whose future is left to hang in dry, and now the fans are curious to know if the third season of Ozark is going to be the last. This is the worst feeling from a fan’s perspective to let your favorite show go away. Ozark, right from the time of its inception, has made a considerable fan base, and they are now concerned about the future of the show.

What’s the release date of the third season for Ozark?

The series is all set to be aired for its third season on 27th March 2020, so the wait is not going to belong, and by the end of this month, you will have the series on Netflix. The show is originally centered around a money-laundering operation which goes wrong in Chicago, and this led to a series of event which forced a family to seek shelter at a different place. This time too, the show will have ten episodes.

Ozark Season 3

Source: The Buzz Paper

Who is going to be the cast for the third season of Ozark?

This time around, the series has experimented with the characters, and there is some notable change in the cast. NCIS: New Orleans star Madison Thompson is all set to enter the cast as Erin, Helen’s daughter.

Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Frances Dukes from the Iron Fist and Jessica Jones are also slated to join the series, and this brings the Marvel stars to the show. So this brings us to our moot question if the show is going to return for further seasons or the show will wrap up after the third season. There is a lot more to the introduction of the new cast than what appears to be as the new entrants are there to infuse continuity to the series.

If any series adds to the cast, the sole objective is to give a twist to the series, and an inflexion point to the storyline is inevitable. There is barely a chance to discontinue the series, as the series aims to take a new turn with the introduction of the new cast. The new cast is all set to bring an unpredicted turn to the storyline, or else producers are no fools to bring a new casting when they don’t want continuity in the series.

There is always more to every action that the production team takes, and there is an implied sense to it too. Another reason why the show won’t be discontinued is that the show is on such a crucial juncture that nobody can imagine to wrap up the show in a single season. It is going to take at least one more season apart from the current season, which is going to get aired on 27th March 2020.

The last but the most pertinent reason why the show won’t be discontinued is you, the fans who made this show what it is now. So hold your horses, and there is nothing to panic, the show is going to stay there for longer than what you think.

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