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Matthew Perry: He Asks Fans Should 50-Year-Olds Drink Strawberry

by Albert Luke Walker

Matthew Perry is one of the few actors with such a wide fan base, and the most pertinent reason for such a high fan base is the role of Chandler in FRIENDS. He has been an integral part of the show, and the fans still love him, although a decade has passed since the last time he was seen on the sets of FRIENDS.

He is one of the few actors who skyrocketed his acting career from a TV series. FRIENDS is still one of the most-watched series, and die-hard fans can see the series for an infinite number of times. No wonder the series ruled the TV for most of the first decade of the 21st century.

Mathew Perry has been exceptional throughout the series, but things started to change once the show was over. The series was an exceptional example of the sync between the actors, and no doubt, Mathew Perry had been brilliant throughout the series. But then things started to go south once he was gripped by alcohol and psychotropic substance.

Matthew Perry

Source: CNN.com

Now, this is something that can completely ruin your life as you have handed yourself to a chemical substance and perhaps the worst possible thing you can do to yourself. He started getting into this right from the time when he was filming for FRIENDS, but he is still firm on his comment that he never got drunk or high at the set.

He held this argument firmly that he never compromised his work because of being drunk or stoned. But there is something exceptional with rumors as neither its creation nor its spread is within your control. Precisely this has happened with Mathew Perry as a lot has been said and written about him.

How did this mess start?

He had a terrible accident while skiing, and the consequence were devastating. It’s not like that as if he didn’t recover from the accident, instead the process of recovery itself is the root cause for whatever happened afterward. So the recovery process became an addiction and turned his life upside down. He was no longer the man he was, and what’s supposed to be a recovery became the most significant misery of his life. He went for rehabilitation and finally got over this trauma. In his own words, this was the worst thing that has happened to him.

But now that period is the story of the past, and now he is a completely transformed man. Now he has appealed all the fans to have strawberry Drink than the one loaded with alcohol. This suffices to prove that now he is a changed man, and there is every reason to follow the man as he has seen the worst, and this makes him the most qualified man to talk about addictions and the aftermath of the trauma. It’s an elating feeling for the fans to see their favorite actor talking more about life and sound health.

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