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Dirty Money Season 2: What’s The Latest News And Other Predictions


After a splendid, thrilling season 1, Dirty Money is back for the second season to uncover eagerness and corruption on the planet economy.

With six new episodes of embarrassments, corruption, and monetary improper, the widely praised investigated film series created by victor Oscar narrative movie producer Alex Gibney shows how banking outrages, real estate, harmful plastics, and different variables put residents in danger.

Release Date

Dirty Money Season 1 debuted on Netflix on January 26, 2018, in the entirety of its six episodes.

Alex Gibney, the official maker, tweeted “Season 2 Coming” on May 29, 2018, while a fan who begged him to do the second season of a colossally fruitful narrative series affirmed the show was without a doubt returning for a second season.

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Source: Collider

That being stated, we likewise have another season release date. On March 11, 2020, Dirty Money Season 2 will debut. It is comprised of six episodes.

Cast Info

No cast has been fixed in ‘Dirty Money.’ Since it’s a narrative series, it contains loads of worries that include a wide range of characters.

The series incorporates Donald Trump, Jonathan Braun, Alberto Ayala, Russell Simmons, Hilary Clinton, Stuart Johnson, Martin Shkreli, and some more.

In the second Dirty Money season, we can envision the appearance of many prominent stars in meetings or video bits.

Expected Plot

As indicated by the official outline: The widely praised ‘Messy Money ‘ examination series by Netflix returns for the second season on March 11, 2020, from Academy Award-winning movie producer Alex Gibney Jigsaw Productions.

Dirty Money surrenders a to-date and individual perspective on the scandals, budgetary misbehavior, and defilement in the business world. This season will investigate the land domain of Jared Kushner and the Wells Fargo banking scandal, just as the 1MDB corruption case in Malaysia.

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