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Pokemon Go free promo codes, How to redeem the codes and the prospects to avail promos in the future

by Albert Luke Walker

Every one of us has watched cartoons in our childhood, and one name that comes to mind is Pokemon. If you did not watch this popular cartoon, then what did you do in your childhood? Nevertheless, you can always go back to those days through the Pokemon Go game. The game has been trendy among youngsters ever since it was launched. With more than a billion downloads till now, Pokemon Go has become one of the most sought-after games among kids and youngsters.

What are Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

Recently, Pokemon Go has introduced promo codes in the Pokemon Go store. These codes can be redeemed for great balls and lucky eggs. This feature is currently working with Android devices only. Due to the terms of service, the feature is not available on Apple devices only; however, it may be available on the Apple devices as well. You can access the promo section by scrolling down to the bottom of the app.

In this article, we will discuss the Pokemon Go promo codes and how to redeem the codes to enhance your gaming experience. The joy of playing a game becomes more when you get something extra apart from the regular things, and Pokemon Go codes do that.

What are the different ways to get Pokemon Go codes?

  • During special events, Niantic, the maker of Pokemon Go, offers various promo codes. You can also win promos by participating in promotions and winning multiple challenges presented by Niantic.
  • You can get promo codes at Sprint stores across America; however, the codes are limited. You can take advantage of and collect the codes before they are exhausted.
  • If you are an inactive player, then you can expect promo codes from Niantic. These codes are exclusive for the inactive player to lure them to play Pokemon Go again.
  • Niantic is teaming up with many partners to offer codes across the globe. They are in talks with the likes of Starbucks in the USA, with malls across Europe and some stores in South Korea. Once this is finalized, you can avail promo codes when you make purchases from these stores.
  • We have collected the latest promo codes from various resources for you. You can try to avail them before other gamers exploit them.
  • The social media platforms of Niantic release promo code to attract new players. If you follow their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, etc. then you can keep track of the promo codes whenever they are released.
  • Enjoy Free Pokemon Go: HELP POKEMON
  • Free Pokemon Go Promo Code 2020: JAK8XC7C
  • 2020 Promo Code: URKCYFYNCVIH
  • Recent Pokemon Go Promo Code: IRURH4GK
  • Special Free Promo Codes Pokemon Go for 2020: NPA329OF
  • Newly added Pokemon Go Promo Code 2020: 1017 1273 2114
  • 50 free packs: MyCoupon
  • 60 booster packs: SixZero
  • Latest promo code for something special: FLASHFIRE

How to redeem Pokemon go codes?

You can redeem Pokemon Go promo codes only on android phones. To redeem the codes, you need to go to the Pokeball menu, then tap on ‘The shop,’ after that, scroll down to type the code in the box and submit.

As of now, you can redeem the Pokemon Go codes only on Android devices and not on iOS devices due to service terms. However, you can redeem the codes by logging into an Android device and collecting them together.

About Pokemon Go

Once you install Pokemon Go on your android or iOS phone, you create your avatar. It will be displayed on the map based on the geographical location of the player. When you move around your locality, the avatar created by you will walk in the geographical map. The augmented reality (AR) mode uses the camera and gyroscope sensor of the mobile phone or tablet to replicate an image of a Pokémon as if it is in the real world. A player can throw a poke ball towards the particular Pokémon from the bottom of the screen to catch it. Your points will increase as more and more Pokémon you catch.

Features of Pokemon Go

  • You can play the game on the website or by downloading the application on the phone.
  • With Pokevision, you can locate as well as catch a Pokemon by staying at your location.
  • The timer in the Pokemon app helps you to catch hold of a Pokemon before the time expires.
  • You can find the location of a Pokemon by adding the name of the Pokemon in the search box.
  • You can communicate with the other players who are playing Pokemon from all over the world.


Pokemon Go is an excellent game for gamers of all ages. It acts as a bridge between people of different generations. It is an adventurous game for children; however, they need to be appropriately guided. We have talked about the most reliable ways you can get promo codes since there are millions of players looking for Pokemon Go promo codes, so if you want to grab them, you need to be proactive in searching various resources for the codes.

Just go and grab them all!

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