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Here’s Every Prediction That We Can Expect From The New Trailer Of Money Heist Part 4


There is still time in the arrival of Part 4 of the show, so proceed to watch the three-part at this moment. As it is said by Netflix formally, that the part 4 of Money Heist is going to release on the fourth of April, 2020.

 What We Can Expect From The New Trailer

As per Netflix, Money Heist has ended up being the most-viewed non-English show in the historical backdrop of Netflix. What’s more, for fans like me who are such a great amount of foreseen to think about what occurs Nairobi next, and has observed all the three parts of the series, the trailer for a pending fourth season has recently dropped.

If anybody can review, our favorite Professor is on the run, and Raquel is to be sure particularly alive. These were the cliffhangers on which we were left toward the finish of season 3.

The trailer returns us to Nairobi being shot and on a stretcher while The Professor could be seen running, or you can say getting away through a backwoods. As we as a whole know, Tokyo is the storyteller of the show, and in this way in the trailer, she begins saying that their masterminds were losing his mind, as were they.


  • Nairobi may not make it. I’m trusting she does.
  • They release Lisbon. However, she won’t help the pack in season 4.
  • The Professor will see Lisbon once more.
  • Rio and Tokyo will go separate ways yet remain friends.

Alicia has something to do with the heist. There’s a ton of theory that she is Tatiana, and I’d love if that somehow managed to be valid. The way that she plays her cards so well might be upheld by how she sees how Berlin and The Professor’s brain functions. Be that as it may, that is if she is Tatiana.

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