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Black Mirror Season 6: Cancelled By Netflix? Here’s What You Should Know

by Albert Luke Walker

The worst part of any series comes when its renewal gets stuck because of some issues. And this has happened with the Black Mirror Season 6, and now fans are dying to know if the show will be renewed or it is finally canceled.

This dilemma started when reports started surfacing regarding the cancellation of the show, but now let’s try to sort things out for you so that you can be sure about the show’s future. But there is more to it, which you will see in the latter part of the vlog.

The show is a sci-fi series pivoted around the technical revolution, which has completely changed the world as the series showed the dark side of technology and how terrible it is going to get once it gets out of human control. The show has different episodes based on different stories, and there is no chance that the series has any reason to discontinue it, but we will discuss that in the latter part of the article.

Black Mirror Season 6

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What’re the chances of having a sixth season?

As of now, we don’t have any release date, and neither does Netflix seem to be interested in giving any release date. The show has been left to hang in dry and there is no chance that the fans would get furious over any decision related to the discontinuation of the series. There can be several reasons as to why anyone wouldn’t want to continue the series. There are multiple reasons and the first being the nature of the series.

There is no doubt that the producers must have thought a lot about the possible renewal of the series, and then they might have ended up being in the state of dilemma. This state of the difficulty is not a problem per se, but there is more to it, the producers and Netflix aren’t sure about the future of the series.

The show is sci-fi, but the ingredient of the show is way too scientific, and if you are up for a cool weekend, you wouldn’t want to watch a series where there is so much fear being peddled under the veil of artistic liberties where the technology is shown as sin. Another reason could be a relative audience base as the streaming platforms do analyze the audience base a show has been able to make. This is the reason why many shows in the past have been able to migrate from one streaming platform to another, and the sole reason they are considered is because of the large fan base it is going to bring with it.

As of now, Netflix hasn’t said much about the show’s future, and there are many apprehensions regarding the series. So it is a wait and watches the game for the fans as the producers are yet to give their opinion on the future of the show. If any further details come up, we will love to update you with the latest info we would have at our disposal.

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