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My Holo Love Season 2: Major Updates On Its Release Date, Cast And Major Things Every Fan Should Know


My Holo Love is the most recent addition to Netflix’s rising library of shows in South Korea. This series recounts the tale of our three principal characters, Gon-Nan-do (Yoon Hyun-min), Han So-Yeon (Ko-Sung-hee), and the robot Holo (Yoon Hyun-min). The story is basically about a lady who falls into love with an artificial intelligence hologram (AI), which looks equivalent to its maker. You see where it goes.

Release Date

The First Season for My Holo Love Arrived On Netflix On 7 February 2020. While there is no official statement on whether a second season is made, the story in the series is almost certain not to be finished. Netflix Is thinking to renew the series for a second season since they like to plan shows that occasionally appear to be repetitive.

My Holo Love Season 2

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Also, the intrigue that appeared by Netflix in K-show won’t stun if the streaming mammoth reports the second season of My Holo Love. Shows, as a rule, come a year later with the goal that we can expect a recovery of My Holo Love by the start of 2021.

Cast Details

South Korean entertainer Yoon Hyun-min is the head of the cast performing two characters–Holo and his maker Go Nan-do, Artificial Intelligence holograms. His activity in the crime dramatization “Tunnel” and the “Witch of Court” is known for his work. Ko Sung-hee, the genuinely powerless supervisor Han So-Yeon, is the head of Hyun-min.

Expectations From The Storyline

Han So-Yeon is a 30-year-old assistant manager of the PR group at Prism. She experiences Prosopagnosia, a neurological issue that disables the limit of an individual to perceive face. She is frequently criticized by her associates, who are unconscious of her circumstance and henceforth mark her as rude and egotistical.

Han So-Yeon hence maintains a distance from the little joys of her life, for example, making friends or visiting open places, for example, parks, shopping centers, and so forth, and leads to a disengaged life.

Her life changes as she gets her hands on a couple of glasses that is a move to the beta rendition of a Holo AI framework, which seems to be the same from its maker Go Nan-do. Go Nan-do has been assumed dead throughout the previous ten years and can not turn out in light of his dark past, a hacking occurrence that drove him to be pursued by a horde, includes. He makes Holo in this way.

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